Системи за ултрафилтрация

Ние проектираме, произвеждаме и поддържаме няколко системи за ултрафилтрация (с капилярни мембрани) за различни индустрии и приложения.

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Benefits of Ultrafiltration technology

UF technology provides tools to deal with many challenging applications:

  • High SDI treatment for drinking water;
  • High contaminant treatment for drinking water;
  • Water recycling for Process water (laundries, Emulsions production, cooling towers, grey water, etc);
  • Liquid concentration in the food and beverage industries;
  • Pre-Treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems.

Advantages of Ultrafiltration systems

UF-systems exceed traditional filtration processes in removing particles sized 0.001 microns and larger, cutting-off bacteria and viruses.

Applying UF to your water preparation process, you receive a stable supply of high-quality water at a decreased maintenance cost your water-using equipment and shut-down time of your operation.

Special UF solutions

Large-scale Ultrafiltration solutions

In addition to mass-produced ultrafiltration units, we design, build and supply tailored large-scale (5000 l/h and up) ultrafiltration systems with 0.001-micron absolute cut-off and 98+% permeate recovery for high-end filtration requirements. The systems are fully automatic, controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) assisted by an electronic flow meter and pressure transducers. The PLC also provides full automation of acid and base backwash process, to maintain the UF modules clean and ready for operation.

UF-RO combined systems

All of our RO systems can be equipped with the UF membrane pre-filter to form a single-frame UF-RO system. UF pre-filter extends the effective life and efficiency of the RO membranes. Thanks to the PLC-coordinated fast UF backwash, UF-RO system provides an uninterrupted supply of RO permeate to the end user and diminishing the cost of backwash water.

UF-RO systems have proven to work unattended and trouble free for the most challenging applications where traditional RO and other filtration processes (Multimedia, GAC, and micronic filtration) required expensive and time-consuming maintenance.